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The One You Need

To Lead Your Team

I am a professional, organized, discreet and valuable employee with 20 years of domestic experience in every aspect of day-to-day management of multiple large estates including staffing, accounting, vendor relations, construction management, budgets, Executive Assistant, and event planning. I excel at creating flawless hospitality grounded in a foundation of formal service for individuals interested in a supported lifestyle. Utilizing Estate Management Accreditation, Quality Construction Assurance, a positive attitude, practiced interpersonal communication skills, and accountability spreadsheets, I strive for outcomes that meet and exceed expectations. I am loyal, talented, committed, intelligent, creative, highly ethical and confident in my abilities to work with clients to compliment their lives taking pride in caring for Principals with focused attention for the finest details of each day’s duties.

At Your Service

Tell me about the issue
I can resolve for you.
It's time to enjoy Aspen.

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Time Investment

Your life is priceless- how do you want to be investing your time?

Jenn seamlessly on-boards with your team to anticipate the experiences you desire.  While you are biking Jenn will verify the landscaper deer-proofed the trees, the housekeeper omitted Loro Piana vest from the wash, & dinner reservations are confirmed.  All with a smile.

You arrive happy-peaceful, just like your home and life. 

Enjoy Your Privacy
& Quality of Life
in Aspen
Bright and Modern Kitchen
Waiter with Champagne Flutes
Folding Ironed Clothes
Dog Walking on a Sunny Day
Suit Jackets
Navigating in Woods
Elegant Table Arrangement
2013 DEMA Logo 2Inch
Ski Helmets
Shovelling Snow
Fresh Chicken Salad
Nutritional Cooking
Creative Wedding Decoration

20 years of expereince enhancing employers lives 


Far and beyond traditional PM, it's anticipating your every need. Working with your PM or bringing it In House.

Property Management



Elevating the standard of service by imparting Household Management practices.

Jenn, I am so impressed and grateful since you joined our household team and lead it- you’ve created a loyal hardworking staff, substantially reduced our property management costs, and made it relaxing and enjoyable to reside in our Aspen home again. We all recognize your talents and are grateful.  Now we need to clone you for our other homes.


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