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From inception to completion.

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If you want to show that you're results oriented and hard working, share the numbers. As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

- A.C.

Vendor Property Management expenditures decreased 60% over 12 months on two residences totaling 11,000 sq/ft.  Assisted by hiring PT Handyman.


Orchestrated transformation to new landscape contractor collaborating with Landscape Architect & Vendor Property Management for new gutters, roof snowmelt, french drains.  Project completed ahead of schedule.


4 design through build residential projects as Estate Manager.  $8.5 M budget.

Project management between Landscape Architect, HOA and contractors for tree removal resulting in Wildland Fire Mitigation reduction by $15,000 annually for home owner’s insurance.


Inception to completion of $375,000 landscape and site work renovation.


Client value save of  $130,000 by bypassing demo of flagstone driveway by independently locating snowmelt leak from a faulty pressure relief valve in mechanical room.   $900 repair.


Committed to find every possible way to successfully retrofit $125,000 European modern chandelier.


Reduction in Housekeeping OT Pay through scheduling, accountability spreadsheets, empowerment and morale enhancement.


Modernized and enhanced employers museum quality art collection by establishing preservation protocol.


Safeguard employers reputation by calling ambulance service directly rather than 911.


Team-worked with employer to achieve observatory worthy astronomy photos from Red Mountain driveway conditions.


14% increase for days in residence due to increase in enjoyment – introduction to new ski and bike pros, healthier foods, less staff drama and restructured flight diversion plan.

Receive, unpack, install contents from 6,000 sq/ft home.  Submitted and received $64,000 insurance settlement from storage vendor.


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